Internet of Things for Childcare

What is it?

Nanny Rock consists on a device to monitor your baby any given time.


Main Functionalities

  • Universal compatibility portable device attachable to all baby strollers, cribs and car seats
  • Frictionless setup for any parent, grandparent or nanny
  • Modular sensors: get what you really need
  • Suitable for exteriors with water resistant case


The global interactive baby monitor market is likely to cross over $2.5 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of around 13% during 2018-2024.


40% of our current workforce is composed of Milennials (current ages 23-38). They were born as digital natives. They prefer whatsapp over phone calls. They trust the F factor (family/friends/followers/fan) and they are more informed than ever.


These couples form new family concepts and therefore need to rely on someone to take care fo the child and there is a feeling of uneasiness due to the lack of knowledge of how their child is and it´s inability to communicate.


Your eyes, ears and senses while you are working thanks to an IoT device that predicts the child´s emotion thanks to face recognition AI algorithms. Nurturing more data that helps you understand location, temperature and humidity thanks to it´s embedded sensors.


Once we launch our prototype globally throught a Crowdfunding campaign there are extra features to add-on to in order to provide extra services such as pollution data, crying notice, bidirectional cameras and abandoment detector (already mandatory in Italy).